Tanz und WahnSinn / Dance and ChoreoMania


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IV. Performance and Choreomania

Eila Goldhahn
Being Seen Digitally: A Filmic Visualization of a Long Circle. Movers and Witnesses in “Authentic Movement“


Eila Goldhahn

Being Seen Digitally: a Filmic Visualization of a Long Circle (Movers and Witnesses in “Authentic Movement”

Being Seen Digitally provides a filmic and critically reflected account of Movers & Witnesses (Authentic Movement) from an arts research and ethnographic perspective. This eleven-minute film and the account of its making and associated reflected issues offer a rare insight into a usually sealed world: the vibrant performances of Movers & Witnesses within a closely guarded, intimate and personal setting not meant for outsiders. This account from the perspective of pedagogue, researcher and filmmaker at the same time communicates some of the multiple issues at stake when using a digital camera to view, record and disclose this type of embodied intimacy. It sensitively and respectfully shows how seeming madness is contained and embodied in a way that is entirely safe and “healthy” whilst discussing some of the undoubted effects and influences of the presence of a “witnessing” camera lens poses to all involved.



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