Tanz und WahnSinn / Dance and ChoreoMania


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V. Ad Narragoniam – Social and Political Pathologies (Soziale und Politische Pathologien).
Per Roar
An Unfinished Story: On Ghostly Matters and a Mission Impossible


Per Roar

An unfinished story: on ghostly matters and a mission impossible

This article addresses choreomania by reporting on a choreographic project that attempted to embody a sense of the communal grieving caused by the Bosnian war. It brought on a social-political situation filled with ghostly matters - related to betrayal and impunity, traumatic losses and missing family members. The challenge in this project became therefore not about evoking states of madness or ghosts, but rather how to negotiate our interaction with these ghostly matters. Through this process emerged the notion of a griefscape and the concept of docudancing. The notion of griefscape denotes the affective and entangled impact traumatic events and complicated grieving may have in circumscribing our lives - as a tensional field with its specific emotive topography and hauntology. The concept of docudancing evolved from the transdisciplinary approach to make choreography that was used here, which was based on contextual background research and fieldwork.



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